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Marathon radio stint is best memorial for Sophie


Neil Cunningham is raising money for SUDEP Action with a 'Midsummer Marathon’ online all-day radio broadcast on 21st June.

Neil will start broadcasting at 4.46am and finish some 17 hours later at 9.46pm. He hopes to raise £1,000 and lots of awareness for SUDEP Action through his epic radio stint.

He said: “I chose 21st June as it’s the longest day of the year, hence the name ‘Midsummer Marathon.’ My inspiration to do this came from the fact that my daughter Sophie (pictured below) died from SUDEP on 4th October 2022. She was only 26. She was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of seven and until her death I had not heard of SUDEP. However, after researching it I strongly feel that not enough is known about it. If Sophie's death can go some way to preventing another family from going through the shock and grief that we’ve gone through then I think that is the best memorial she could be given.”

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