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London to Achill: In memory of Shane


A launch night for the Shane Corrigan London to Achill cycle run will be held at Nell’s music venue, West Kensington on Saturday April 30.

The launch night provides an opportunity for organisers, cyclists and supporters to get together and find out more about the two charities set to benefit from the cycle run, SUDEP Action and Epilepsy Ireland.

Shane Corrigan died of SUDEP in 2018, aged just 23. His family and friends are organising the London to Achill cycle ride in his honour later this year, from August 20-27. Shane was buried on the island of Achill, which lies off County Mayo, on the west coast of the Republic of Ireland.

About Shane
Shane’s positive outlook and caring nature touched so many people. You would often hear his laugh carry across the room as he listened, debated, and shared stories with others. He took life in his stride, a calming influence, confident in all situations, who was also a great judge of character. Shane was born in Castlebar, County Mayo in 1994 and always loved visiting Achill, where his parents originally hail from, as often as possible. His parents still make the journey over to Achill at least once a month to visit Shane’s grave.

The journey from London to Achill now being prepared for cyclists in Shane’s honour, is dedicated to remembering a popular young man with an infectious laugh, a cheeky grin and a personality larger than life, who is still missed by all who knew him.

Shane insisted that the hardest thing about living with epilepsy was having to tell other people he had it. He once said: “I either have to really care about someone or barely know them, because once I tell them I have epilepsy I can see people’s perception of me change. It’s as if they are scared of me, or the possibility that I will have a seizure when I am with them.”

Shane’s motto in life was ‘don’t stress about what you cannot change’. Although heartbroken by his death, his friends and family are determined to bring about change for others, by raising awareness of the risks of SUDEP and what life with epilepsy is really like.

“If this bike ride from London to Achill, a journey Shane loved making in life, can prevent just one epilepsy-related death it will be worth it"


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