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Keeping Marian’s Memory Alive


Sinead Gouldie has now completed the final leg of her commendable 500km in 100 days fundraiser for SUDEP Action. She began her 100 day challenge on Purple Day on 26th March this year in memory of her youngest sister Marian who died of SUDEP at the age of 33 on the 8th July in 2021.

Today marks 3 years since Marian’s passing. Sinead says of her sister, who was youngest of the family, that she was “a wee angel” who was adored by her nieces and was a favourite auntie.

“The loss of her has left a hole in my heart and my life that will never be filled. But thankfully I'm surrounded by my wonderful family, my beautiful daughters, my fantastic supportive husband and my amazing siblings. Together we've gotten each other through the bereavement” says Sinead.

The challenge has taken her through local parks, a botanical garden and on coastal paths to achieve her goal of running 5km a day for 100 days.

Sinead has been dedicated to sharing her 500km journey through her Facebook page as well as promoting the risk factors of epilepsy and how others can help support the cause and spread the word about SUDEP. Her page is named “Angels Walk Among Us” in memory of Marian, “we all just miss her so much” says Sinead. She notes that “a lovely aspect of the challenge has been how my Facebook page has reached people all around the world” and that “others who have lost a loved one to SUDEP have reached out”.

Before losing Marian, Sinead says that “we as a family had no knowledge of SUDEP. Since then, it is my goal to raise awareness of this whilst keeping Marian's memory alive.”

“My aim was to raise awareness of SUDEP and to raise funds for the UK’s leading SUDEP Awareness charity, SUDEP Action in memory of my beautiful wee sister Marian who passed away as the result of an epileptic seizure.” Sinead says, “I have chosen to support this charity because of their research into SUDEP and the support they provide to families such as ourselves, bereaved by SUDEP.”

The fundraiser in memory of Marian has raised over £1000. If you would like to support Sinead, you can still donate via her Just Giving page.