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It's Scots versus food in challenge for Jess


Five hungry Scots, dressed as cowboys, will ride into town this Saturday for a man versus food showdown that’s likely to turn good, bad and ugly at different stages of the afternoon!

The group is raising money in memory of Jess Johnston, who died from epilepsy in January 2022. Jess died suddenly and unexpectedly, aged just 20. Her epilepsy was never diagnosed so she never received the care and treatments that may have kept her alive.

The posse of friends have come up with a novel way of raising funds for SUDEP Action – they plan to conquer the eating challenge at the Porta Piri Piri restaurant in Shawlands, Glasgow on May 18 (1pm).  They’ll have just 30 minutes to eat their way through some monster trays of foods, with each set to include vast dishes of chickens mountains of fries, corn and mozzarella sticks. No one has completed the restaurant’s challenge to date.

Taking on the food challenge will be: Steven Kemp, Scott Naismith, David Skalley, David Orr and Mark Graham.

Jess’s mum Lindsey Greer reckons her daughter would laugh at the challenge being tackled in her name. Jess had longstanding complex gastrointestinal difficulties and spent long periods of time in hospital where she was required to be enterally fed. However, despite her complex health difficulties she was vibrant, positive, kind, and empathic young lady with a proactive approach to supporting others with invisible illness.

Lindsey said: “The challenge would really tickle Jessica, despite her gut difficulties that resulted in her being tube fed directly into her bowel she loved food, she just couldn’t eat it.  Jess being Jess always thought out of the box and had an array of food earrings, including sushi, cake and garlic bread.”

Scott Naismith added: “We want to have a laugh, which is why we’ll be dressing as cowboys, but at the same time there’s a serious side to this in that we want to raise money for a good charity in SUDEP Action. We’re all aware what Lindsey and her family have been through. We’re respectful of them and Lindsey says what we’re doing has given her a lift, which is just great.”

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