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Increased commercial interest in Seizure Monitors – SUDEP Action Advice

It has been great to see new alert monitors on the market in recent months. Increased commercial interest in this field is to be welcomed and offers hope that one day we will have evidence of a monitoring system that is proved as a reliable intervention for SUDEP.  In the meantime, these monitors can offer some peace of mind. People must discuss with their doctors the pros and cons of each device.  It is important to ask for the evidence on reliability and also evidence on false alarms which can be disruptive for the family.

However, there is a danger that people with epilepsy and their physicians, faced with a bewildering range of devices may have difficulty in coming to a balanced interpretation of the marketing. The best way to prevent SUDEP is to stop seizures occurring in the first place, and this priority must not be lost.

The families and loved ones of those who did not use such devices may feel guilty that they missed something. Given the current state of knowledge and research it is still likely that some deaths will occur even when devices are being used, which may lead to a backlash of anger. 

For more information read the Risk and Avoidance article by Professor Stephen Brown