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Epilepsy Memorial Day online event brings together families bereaved by epilepsy

The first online Epilepsy Memorial Day event held on 10 May brought together families and friends bereaved by epilepsy. The day helped remind families that they are not alone. 

Hundreds of bereaved families and friends joined the event on the SUDEP Action Facebook and Twitter pages by sharing memories of their lost loved ones. These posts received around 4000 likes and reached over 193, 000 people.

Some families and friends who took part in the event commented on the charity Facebook page:
The Memorial Day was excellent. Well done and thank you to whoever thought of it and organised it. The only difficult thing for me was to see the number of families that have been devastated by SUDEP. Also to see so many young beautiful people whose lives ended too soon. Many thanks again for all your efforts.”

“So many beautiful pictures today and just all too sad. Well done on excellent awareness idea. Love and strength to each and everyone of you.”

“Hard night seeing so many peoples loss. Realising we are not alone in our sorrow but also how many of us were unaware of this possibility that this could happen to our loved ones. And scarily some of them didn't know either.“

Epilepsy Memorial Day will be held annually and is in addition to SUDEP Awareness Day in October and our Memorial Service held in London once every three years. 

Thank you again to everyone who supported Epilepsy Memorial Day. We understand that some of you may have found the day difficult and we would like to remind you that our Bereavement Support team is here for you. We have more than 20 years’ experience supporting families bereaved by epilepsy. If you would like to speak to someone, please contact our support team on 01235 772850 or email [email protected]