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Dr Panelli speaks at Epilepsy and Society Symposium in Singapore

A very successful Epilepsy and Society Symposium was held in Singapore in August in conjunction with the 10th  Asian Oceanian Epilepsy Congress. Developed by local and regional committees of the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) the program covered topics of practical interest to people living with epilepsy and support workers including the issue of epilepsy-related risks.

At the Symposium session allocated to antiepileptic drugs, Dr Rosey Panelli, International Research Officer at SUDEP Action presented information on the relationship between medication adherence, epilepsy-related injury and death.

Dr Panelli asked the audience how many of them had some knowledge of SUDEP and approximately 50% said yes, highlighting the fact that information about SUDEP is starting to spread internationally.

On the other hand 50% of the audience had no knowledge of SUDEP and Dr Panelli had the challenging task of introducing this topic to them for the first time.

Dr Panelli’s presentation emphasised the importance of good epilepsy education and risk communication in helping people with epilepsy to take control of their epilepsy and their lives.