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Coronation Street tackles Epilepsy Safety and Public Attitudes

Award winning soap Coronation Street has been commended for running a story line on epilepsy.  The episode which aired on 10 May 2013 highlighted epilepsy safety and public attitudes towards the condition.   

In the episode, one of the main characters, David has a tonic clonic seizure when he is out in the park with the children.  With no one else around to help, his step-son Max manages to call David’s brother Nick who rushes to help David.  David was diagnosed with epilepsy in an episode previously aired in October 2010.

Commenting on the programme, SUDEP Action Chief Executive Jane Hannah said: “Awareness of epilepsy and seizures is critical in improving the safety of people living with the condition.  It is good to see Corrie keeping the story line going about David’s epilepsy”.  

Coronation Street thanked Epilepsy Society for helping them with the story line.  Epilepsy Society’s communications and campaigns manager Amanda Cleaver commented on the programme: “What was really interesting was how some of the other characters reacted to his seizure.  They questioned his ability to look after the two young children in his care and David himself voiced concerns about whether his unborn child would inherit the condition.”

'The issues raised in the story highlight the public lack of knowledge about a condition which affects around 1 in 100 people in the UK.'

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