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Call for Openness campaign - E-Learning Project in the pipeline

We are currently working on a new E-learning course exploring the importance of SUDEP risk management and having the SUDEP conversation.  It will be aimed at Health Professionals, parents and Carers of people with epilepsy. This is another key movement in our Call For Openness campaign and will be an important step in continuing to raise awareness of SUDEP and epilepsy related risks. 

Here is a taster of the course content in our introduction video by Professor Stephen Brown:

The course will discuss current research into SUDEP, the need to discuss it and individual risks for people with epilepsy. It will look at how to go about this conversation in a positive way in order to improve the health outcomes of people with the condition. The course will provide opportunities to share personal experiences as well as the chance to ask practical advice of expert moderators.

The course is currently under construction but please check back for updates and further information as it becomes available.