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When someone dies


When someone we know dies it is often hard to put into words the thoughts and feelings we go through, especially if the death  was unexpected.

When someone with epilepsy dies it can also be unexpected.  After an epilepsy death close family, carers and friends may feel a huge sense of loss as they try to understand what happened and why.

Many people don't know what to say or do and the sense of being alone for grieving people can be enormous.  Adding to that isolation is the fact that little is understood about epilepsy or epilepsy related deaths.  Telling your story may be helpful to you, we are here to listen.  And, knowing what you say may make a difference to others can bring hope.

If you have been bereaved by a death from epilepsy and find yourselves in an unfamiliar world, dealing with police investigations, post-mortems and the inquest process, we are here to help:

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