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28th Dec 2012

Schoolboy Jack Megson has attracted the attention of ex-health minister Paul Burstow after he called for the...

27th Dec 2012

A mother whose son died following two massive seizures a year ago was nominated for “fundraiser of the year”...

30th Nov 2012

Doctors and nurses working with epilepsy heard about the many ways EB helps families bereaved by SUDEP.

30th Nov 2012

Epilepsy Bereaved staged its biggest conference ever, thanks to the support of 100 researchers, families,...

29th Nov 2012

UK charity Epilepsy Bereaved has been hailed as an international leader in the global campaign to eliminate...

29th Nov 2012

More than 15,000 copies of a book that brings together global expertise on SUDEP will have been distributed...

1st Nov 2012

A community angered by the theft of an EB collection tin in memory of a 22-year-old teaching assistant have...

1st Oct 2012

Epilepsy Bereaved has welcomed the UK’s first national audit of epilepsy care for children and young people.

4th Apr 2012

Supporters left EB’s annual conference fired up to do everything they can to reach out to people with...

16th Jan 2012

Epilepsy Society and Epilepsy Bereaved have today announced a strategic alliance between the two charities.