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Epilepsy safety where ever you are

There are some practical precautions you can take.  Safety advice will depend on your own circumstances and is something that you can talk about with your doctor.

For example, you might want to discuss:

  • Swimming

If you go swimming, for instance, take a friend with you or tell the attendant at the pool to keep an eye out for you.

  • At home

At home, you can reduce the risk in the kitchen by using a microwave.  Elsewhere in the house, you can make use of fireguards, smoke alarms, fire retardant materials and power breakers on electrical tools.

You may want to consider having a shower rather than a bath.  If you do prefer to bath, use a thermostat and keep the water shallow.  An ‘occupied’ sign may be better than locking the door.

  • In bed

Talk to your doctor if you experience seizures during your sleep.  There is evidence that being with someone during a seizure may give you additional protection.  There is only limited research on the benefits of monitors and seizure support dogs, but they are worth discussing in relation to your own personal circumstances.  And although there is no data supporting the use of anti-suffocation pillows, they certainly would not do any harm and may prevent obstruction.