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Epilepsy and Anxiety

If you are recently diagnosed with epilepsy you may be feeling anxious or low. It is natural and indeed common for people who are diagnosed with any serious condition to feel this way.

In other health conditions it has been found that anxiety can indeed help some people make changes that may be important.  You may find it helpful to talk to someone about how you are feeling.  You may also wish to raise these feelings with your doctor.
We know for most people with a new diagnosis the feelings of anxiety and feeling low do not last long and usually go after a couple of months.
Some people with epilepsy experience feelings of anxiety or depression that last for a long time. It is important if you feel that you are in this group that you do speak to your doctor.  Your doctor can:

  • Talk to you about the feelings and your options to address these
  • He/she may give you time for the feelings to resolve
  • Talk about treatments that could be talking or medication based
  • Consider referring to local health services specialising in emotional well being
  • Refer back to your epilepsy specialist

For all these decisions the consultation should be about your wishes and what suits you whilst ensuring you get the best and most appropriate care.